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Is it weird for adults to get braces?

The fact that this question is so widely asked indicates that there is some uncertainty and maybe some discomfort around the idea of getting braces as an adult.

There is a common misconception that braces are for adolescents and are a distinctly correlated with primary school years. The reality is, that's not inherently true whatsoever and it is NOT weird for adults to get braces.

In a study by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), 27 percent of U.S. and Canadian orthodontic patients are adults. This translates into 1,441,000 orthodontic patients who are 18 and older. And the number of adults seeking braces continues to rise.

As dental technology advances and new orthodontic devices, like clear aligners, are introduced, more patients seem to be interested in achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. In the same study mentioned, many of the adult patients reported an improvement in their personal and professional lives.

Metal or clear braces are a great option for adults who may have really needed braces in their adolescent years but never had them. As we move through life, new dental trauma and unexpected shifts in our dentition can happen. And braces are often required help heal your oral health.

Wether you're 14 or 40, braces are an option for you to help you improve the health of your smile and your self-confidence!

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Do braces take longer for adults?

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Braces treatment can take longer for adults than children, however this depends on the extent of dental work needed, which varies a lot among age groups. Children absolutely have the advantage of growing on their side. As their jaws and teeth continue to move and shift, this can really help accelerate the treatment process.

With that said, the length of time for orthodontic treatment is largely influenced by the following:

Treatment complexity

Some cases are inevitably more extreme than others, whether that includes extra wide gaps, major bite misalignment or other dental trauma. Extra care can be needed to ensure that treatment is effective and achieves optimal results for your overall health.

The type of device used

Clear aligners are a fantastic alternative to metal braces in that they're typically easier to manage and clean. However, metal braces can be especially helpful for more complicated cases and are outright necessary in many situations.

Device care and maintenance

Neglecting to attend your regular dental appointments, abandoning your clear aligners for days at a time or eating hard, chewy foods that wreak havoc on braces can damage your device or set you back in your treatment process.

Underlying health conditions

Other health problems can impact the length of time you need to wear braces or your ability to wear braces. Health conditions such as cancer and diabetes can impact this decision and must be carefully considered by your dentist before device application or removal.


Some patients are very self-conscious and sometimes even resentful about needing to wear braces, especially in adulthood. Accepting that this is a very normal part of life for so many others and that it is a temporary experience can help make your treatment duration feel less long and arduous. Focus on the glowing smile you'll have to help boost your morale!


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Adult braces: you are never too old to improve your smile

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From simple shifts to the most complex cases, there’s a solution you’ll love.

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