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How to avoid dental cavities in kids?

Parents want to prevent and avoid their kids from getting cavities for a lot of reasons and here at LOL Dental, we want to help you set a great foundation of oral care for your child so they are set up for a lifetime of success!

At LOL Dental, we believe that information about avoiding dental cavities in kids should be simple, clear, and easily accessible to everyone. The best time to start cavity prevention, is as soon as your baby's first tooth arrives and the great news is that cavities are completely preventable!

No matter what the age of your child, great oral hygiene is a must and it's especially nice to know that you are doing everything you can as a parent through the trusted guidance of LOL Dental.


What are dental cavities?

Dental caries or cavities are a disease that develops gradually in both children and adults. Cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth feeding on food debris stuck to teeth. When the bacteria break down the debris, they secrete an acid that damages the enamel on the tooth’s surface. The damage to the tooth’s enamel leads to the formation of a small hole. This is the cavity. If the condition isn’t treated, the acid created by the bacteria will continue to eat away at the tooth and the cavity will become deeper and larger.

Cavities develop in four stages. Initially, there is no pain. At this early stage, it may still be possible to eliminate the decay through rigorous dental hygiene. Left untreated, however, the cavity can cause toothaches, hot and cold sensitivity and, in the worst case, infection.


How to prevent cavities in St. John's?

  • Brush your teeth for two minutes, two to three times a day.
  • Floss before you go to bed.
  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Visit your dentist regularly after the age of one year.


LOL Dental offers cavities treatment at all our locations:

Cavities treatment St. John's 
Cavities treatment Labrador City
Cavities treatment  Goose Bay


We believe that

Choosing the right ‘kids dentist’ for you and your child should be clear, simple, and straight-forward

Finding clear information on how to avoid dental cavities in kids shouldn't be that hard!

cavities treatment

You and your child deserve the support of Dr. Lyna Naseri who has:

  • 12+ years of dental experience, including orthodontic dentistry
  • A Doctorate in dentistry from the University of Montreal
  • Has treated 1000+ child patients

Dr. Naseri knows how to help parents work with their children to develop good oral health habits, and to prevent cavities in St. Johns.

There are adults who find going to the dentist a cause for anxiety, so for many children, it is even more scary. Dr. Naseri and her team understand how to make young children feel at ease and to be comfortable at the dentist’s office.

In children, dentists can address problems that only occur in children and that can impact the growth and development of their mouth, face, and adult teeth. That’s why it is important for children to see their dentist before the age of one, and then have regular check-ups.

Pediatric dentists can help parents learn the best ways of getting their kids to make teeth brushing a daily and fun habit.


Getting started is CLEAR, easy, AND FUN!



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St. Johns Dental sealant

dental sealant

Dental sealant is applied to teeth as a preventive measure. It can protect molars and premolars from cavities.


What is dental sealant

The sealant is a thin layer of composite resin. It’s the same material used for white fillings, but it is thinner. We spread it on the chewing surface of the rear teeth to prevent food from becoming trapped in small crevices.


Is it a complex procedure?

Applying sealant is very simple. We simply clean the tooth’s surface and apply the resin using a small brush. Then we let it dry. That’s it!


When is sealant recommended?

This procedure is typically offered to children and youth aged 6 to 15 to protect their adult teeth. However, a sealant can be applied on primary teeth with deep grooves or on children with a higher risk of developing cavities.


We offer dental sealants at the following locations:



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