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Published: November 14, 2020

Do your kids suffer from dental anxiety?

Visiting the pediatric dentist doesn’t have to be a struggle

Between the loud noises, gleaning white surfaces and pointy tools, the dentist can be a very intimidating space for children — and for adults too! An intimidating dental practice can make children reluctant to go or downright dread it all together. 

At LOL Dental, we believe that taking your kids to a pediatric dentist should not be stressful, overwhelming or time-consuming. We strive to ensure our space is comforting, soothing and pleasant — a place where you and your children look forward to visiting. 

How LOL Dental can help

Working with children is different than working with adults. This demands strong education and experience, which are key traits Dr. Lyna Naseri has. This includes: 

1. 12+ years of dental experience, including as a pediatric dentist
2. Certification in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Montreal
3. Certificate in orthodontics from Jacksonville University, Florida

Why LOL Dental?

At LOL Dental, we strive to create a welcoming, warm and exciting environment that your children look forward to visiting and where you can feel at ease. This is how we achieve that:

Friendly and gentle team 

  • With gentleness, enthusiasm and compassion, we strive to ensure your children feel safe, valued and understood at our practice.
  • Our dentists are certified as a pediatric dentist and are educated in how to communicate effectively with children.

Colourful and inviting space

  • Our practice is decorated with fun pops of colour, cartoon imagery and bright furnishing
  • This can help ease your children into their appointment and even get excited to be there!

Roxy, our therapy dog 

  • Roxy is our resident labradoodle who absolutely loves kids! 
  • She is friendly, well-trained and is a great source of comfort to children with dental anxiety
Pediatric dentist therapy dog Roxy

Let’s make going to dentist simple, straightforward and fun

1. Let's get started!
2. Experience our exciting team
3. Leave with a happy smile

Diminish your children’s dental anxiety. Click here. 

Benefits of healing dental anxiety in children

Going to the dentist is an essential part of life. Many people unfortunately have traumatic dental experiences in childhood that causes dental anxiety. This can lead to developing serious dental health issues that could have been detected or prevented far sooner. 

Creating a positive connotation with the dentist for your children can encourage a healthier and more consistent relationship with their oral health care regime. This can last across adolescence into adulthood, helping keep their teeth happy and healthy. 

Overall key benefits: 

  • Develops willingness to go to the dentist
  • Less emotional distress attached to dental visits
  • Inspires healthy oral hygiene habits in early youth
  • Diminishes dental fear later in life
  • Greater sense of investment in oral health 

Consequences of not addressing fear of the dentist

Without trying to find a solution to your child’s dental anxiety for the dentist, going in for your appointments can feel cumbersome, overwhelming and stressful: 

  • Stop feeling anxious 
  • Prevent the struggle 
  • Don’t feel reluctant
  • Stop losing time 
  • Avoid future dental treatments cost

Don’t let these experiences drain your energy levels, your emotional bandwidth or your wallet. By taking action, you can: 

  • Feel more comfortable
  • Develop trust 
  • Enjoy dentist trips 
  • Gain more time
  • Save money on dental work

The dentist can be an intimidating space for anyone — especially for children. You are in full control of finding a solution to this. Finding the right pediatric dentist for your family’s needs is not impossible. 

At LOL Dental, our friendly and gentle team is here to help support you and your children in feeling your most safe, secure and happy at your next dental visit. We look forward to meeting you! 

Diminish your children’s dental anxiety. Click here. 


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