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kids braces st johns metal braces

What age should kids get braces?

Figuring out if your child needs orthodontics, and which options that are best for them if they do need orthodontics, can be an overwhelming process! You want your child to feel confident when they smile and also make sure that there are no other underlying heath [...]

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misaligned bite st johns woman shrugging

How do I know if I have a misaligned bite?

Misaligned Bad Bite St. Johns Do you avoid hard foods because your jaw gets sore after eating them? Or do you find yourself being distracted by a relentless throb or ache in jaw joints through out the day? This phenomenon combined with headaches and seemingly unexplainable cuts on the side of your tongue can all point towards having […]

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sports guard

Why is it important to wear a sports mouth guard?

The most important reason for children and youth to wear a sports mouth guard is that damaged permanent teeth do not grow back. They need to be repaired or replaced. A sports guard is a vital piece of protective equipment for youth or adults who are engaged in a variety of sports activities to prevent […]

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adult woman with braces

Is it weird for adults to get braces?

Adult Braces St. Johns The fact that this question is so widely asked indicates that there is some uncertainty and maybe some discomfort around the idea of getting braces as an adult. There is a common misconception that braces are for adolescents and are a distinctly correlated with primary school years. The reality is, that's […]

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Boost your smile and confidence with Invisalign® in St. John's

Invisalign St. John's Living with a crooked and unflattering smile can wear down your self-esteem. Invisalign® could be the answer. Constantly feeling like you have to hide your smile is stressful, saddening and tiresome. You might also be totally disinterested in the thought of traditional metal braces. Invisible braces are an excellent alternative to raising confidence, the health […]

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cavities treatment

How to avoid dental cavities in kids?

Cavities Treatment St.Johns Parents want to prevent and avoid their kids from getting cavities for a lot of reasons and here at LOL Dental, we want to help you set a great foundation of oral care for your child so they are set up for a lifetime of success! At LOL Dental, we believe that […]

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kids dental sedation

What to do if your child needs dental sedation?

Dental Sedation St. Johns My child needs treatment and needs dental sedation and anesthesia. Is it safe? Going to the dentist can be daunting for anyone, so imagine how a kid might feel! A dental problem can be really scary, specifically when your child needs dental sedation and anesthesia to avoid any pain. But many parents […]

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What age should a child go to the dentist for the first time?

Your child's first dental visit should be as soon as their first tooth comes in, and definitely before their first birthday. You may be asking yourself, 'Why do I need to take my child to the dentist at such an early age?' As soon as your child develops their first tooth, he or she is […]

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gum disease

What happens when you have periodontal (gum) disease?

What is gingivitis? Gingivitis is a benign disease caused by an accumulation of bacteria (dental plaque). This biofilm (white substance) goes under your gums and causes inflammation. Gingivitis and periodontitis symptoms are similar. Signs of gingivitis Swollen red gums Bad breath Light bleeding when brushing and flossing How do you treat it? Fortunately, gingivitis can […]

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oral health for babies

Why oral health for babies? Baby dentist Dr. Lyna Naseri explains

Baby dentist St. Johns St. Johns baby dentist, Dr. Lyna Naseri: "Infants aged 0 to 3 years can develop early childhood caries or other conditions with harmful consequences. That’s why it’s important to develop good habits at an early age and instil a routine that will benefit your child throughout their lifetime." Does a baby mouth need […]

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10 Best Pediatric Orthodontics FAQ's

Pediatric orthodontics and braces treatment Our orthodontists have joined the digital age, as technology and orthodontics work hand in hand. We are equipped with the latest orthodontic technologies and proud to offer modern, personalized orthodontic care. Computer-assisted design is a definite asset used in our practice. Kids Braces - Anyone can have their teeth alignment corrected—kids, teens and even […]

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dental hygiene

St. Johns Dental Hygiene: How can we help you and your child?

Dental Hygiene St. Johns   St. Johns Dental Hygiene: How can we help you and your child? The best way to prevent cavities in your child is to teach good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. It’s important to closely monitor your child as they brush and floss their teeth. Make sure they know the proper technique, […]

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Do your kids suffer from dental anxiety?

Visiting the pediatric dentist doesn’t have to be a struggle Between the loud noises, gleaning white surfaces and pointy tools, the dentist can be a very intimidating space for children — and for adults too! An intimidating dental practice can make children reluctant to go or downright dread it all together.  At LOL Dental, we […]

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